Who We Are

Who We Are


the man who selflessly helps others

Chris van Beljon is the founder and CEO of Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC.

When there is a signal, Chris is on his phone all day. There are people who call for help, others who offer help, he receives literally hundreds of WhatsApp messages daily. Chris will literally do anything for the farmers, be it for the animals, food for the people, cleaning products or cat food, he tries to do everything.

We as a nation thank you Chris, load by load

The man behind the beard

Chris is a deep man, he is quiet and humble. When he visits the farms, he intensely listens to the farmers, and especially to what is not said. He tries to find out what the needs are. Where he can help with feed and food, and sometimes Chris becomes a shoulder for the farmers to lean on, where they can open up and talk about their situation.

The big question many have asked, how does Chris decide who to help first: the process in incredibly interesting, Chris has a list of groups and areas across the country. When feed becomes available he goes through this list. He looks up and down the names and suddenly, with inspiration from Above a name stands out.

How you can help

South Africa’s drought is hitting hard, and it is killing animals everywhere. Sustained hunger with little to no food or water and the continued breeding of animals for food, has been compounded by the relentless drought. All this is causing the sustained demise of thousands of animals.

Who We Are

Chris van Beljon:
082 961 6620



Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC
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Boere Droogtehulp SA
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