We Help Farmers

farmers provide food

Can you imagine our world
without farmers?

Ultimately, farmers provide food

Can you imagine our world without farmers?

Farmers are an indispensable part of our society

There is no doubt about this but there is also no doubt that farmers are not given the proper regard for their noble task.

In times of drought, farmers’ faith is put almost completely in the hands of Mother Nature. The farmer find himself indebted after the harvest if the crops are devastated.

The farmer that owns his land that he is tilling, is often held captive by businessmen who would offer loans for seedlings, fertilisers, and pesticides. The farmer has no other choice but to settle into an agreement that will deprive him of a considerable portion of his yield.

There is an adage that says, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. In today’s South Africa, belting the very people that provide the food that keeps the masses from starvation, seems to have become a national sport. I am not sure if the government have joined the dots, but if you don’t have farmers, then there will be no one left growing the food. It is an alarming statistic that shows there are fewer than 35,000 primary food producers in South Africa, which equates to only one farmer providing food for every 1375 people.

Farming should not be based on a person’s skin colour but on one’s ability to produce

Whatever is your job or status in life, you should thank a farmer

Most people do not even give a passing thought about agriculture, or their food growers, even though they rely upon them grow the bread of life, along with the multitude of everyday products, that are derived from agriculture. They are the nameless, faceless ones, who only exist on the fringe of society, mostly portrayed as being villains by the farm hating groups such as, incredibly, our very own government.

More need to realise that because of our farming families are so expert at their jobs, that this allows most of the population to do other occupations, such as being activists in the farm hating government, vegans, greenies, politicians, media, school students, doctors, lawyers, unemployment recipients or even being in jail.

While there are farmers, there is very little starvation. While 0.5% of the population are growing the food, the other 99.5% of the population doesn’t have to. Agriculture is a very expensive business to be in. It takes generational knowledge to be a farmer or grazier. It cannot be learnt out of a textbook or at a university.

These skills are passed down the family line and, in many cases, the farming and grazing land, but this is becoming increasingly rare, as many cannot afford to retire and give their children the farm. Agriculture is also viewed as by many farming and grazing families as not being worth the angst, and many sell out, encouraging their children to get more secure and less stressful occupations.

  • If the people of agriculture are hated and hounded out of business, then who will be left growing the food and fibre on the farms of tomorrow?
  • If farmers and graziers can’t afford to feed their families, then they cannot afford to feed yours. Simply put, no farmers, no food.

There are approximately 4,300 dairy farmers, they employ a staggering 60,000 farm workers and give livelihoods to another 40,000.

Maize farmers employ up to 150,000 farm workers, when there is no drought.

Farmers are indispensable. This is repeated for emphasis. Whatever is your job or status in life, you should thank a farmer.

How you can help

South Africa’s drought is hitting hard, and it is killing animals everywhere. Sustained hunger with little to no food or water and the continued breeding of animals for food, has been compounded by the relentless drought. All this is causing the sustained demise of thousands of animals.

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