Convoy drought appeal
26 – 28 March 2020

Please help us reach our goal

A long term strategy to provide

Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC has a long-term strategy to provide practical and emotional support to farming families in South Africa.

Every 6 weeks, Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC together with volunteers, sponsors and donors take on housands of kilometres to deliver feed, fodder and aid to the farming communities. The number of farmers and their families reached is determined by the generosity of our donors and sponsors. We are fully dependent on financial and physical (e.g. feed, fodder, food parcels, water and diesel) donations.

The next convoy will be from 26 – 28 March 2020, the costs involved in this convoy is estimated at R1,000,000.

This Convoy has been cancelled due to covid-19

Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC delivers support to families living in the worst drought-affected areas in South Africa

Much needed increase in funding will be coupled with a long-term strategy, which will enhance the organisation’s reach into our farming comunities, and its provision of practical and emotional assistance. Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC is calling on South African communities and businesses to generously support to the Convoy Drought Appeal.

Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC’s Convoy Drought Appeal will focus on strengthening the capacity of families to survive, specifically helping to make the lives of the children as ‘normal’ as possible. The initiative will concentrate on those who are most at risk, providing them with:

  • drinking water supplies
  • food parcels, toiletries, day to day necessities
  • feed and medical assistance of the livestock

Chris van Beljon, founder of Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC is taking a strategic approach to a major problem that’s affecting thousands of people every day. While Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC provided farming communities with drought relief for several years, the Convoy Drought Appeal initiative will formalise this part of our community service. It will allow us to help more people and provide more appropriate and targeted relief.

The complexity of working with rural communities is underestimated. The needs of the dairy farmer’s family are very different to the livestock farmer. You need to have highly informed and skilled volunteers out there helping people with specific problems. This forms a big part of Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC’s initiative; getting the right solutions to the people who need it most.

Chris is passionate about the need for Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC to journey with farming families for the long-term. The regional workers see daily how the drought is impacting the family unit. Many people are tired and despondent and while Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC is doing a lot already, we still see a huge need and we’re willing to do all we can to help.

The impact of drought will be felt for years, regardless of how soon it may be broken by rain. Therefore, we ask people across South Africa to dig deep and make a contribution. There’s a lot of suffering out there.

Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC is asking all individuals, the corporate sector and businesses to support farming communities by making a donation today.

How you can help

South Africa’s drought is hitting hard, and it is killing animals everywhere. Sustained hunger with little to no food or water and the continued breeding of animals for food, has been compounded by the relentless drought. All this is causing the sustained demise of thousands of animals.

Convoy March 2020

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