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Farmers are

A necessity to our survival –
If you eat today, thank a farmer!

Farmers are indispensable

A necessity to our survival – If you eat today, thank a farmer!



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We need farms to give us our daily bread

Ultimately, farmers provide food

South Africa was once largely an agrarian society. Children helped their parents farm food that was grown entirely on a family’s property. Supermarkets became a common source for groceries only within the last century.

Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC was founded in 2019 by Chris van Beljon to help farmers. Offering a lifeline to those in need and their dying animals. Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC in a Non-Profit Organization, every Rand, food parcel and water donation goes directly to the farming community.

Agriculture is one of the largest commercial sources of food supply in South Africa as well as the world with its exports. Without farming, we are in a rapidly facing starvation. In 2020, there are 4,000 farmers in need who rely on us. We depend on sponsorships and donors. Every bit helps.

The drought in certain parts of South Africa is in its 8th year with no end in sight.

Can you imagine our world without farmers? Our society does very well at creating great comfort and in moving one breakthrough to another in terms of technological gadgets and high-tech processes. Yet, one thing that is sometimes not given attention to, or minimal care for, are agricultural advancement. Not many countries are trying to put this in their list of high priority developments. The focus is more on industrialisation. What will happen if everyone would jump into highly technological research and disregard applying knowledge to agriculture?

How you can help

South Africa’s drought is hitting hard, and it is killing animals everywhere. Sustained hunger with little to no food or water and the continued breeding of animals for food, has been compounded by the relentless drought. All this is causing the sustained demise of thousands of animals.


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